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BACPAC Resources Center (BPRC)

Mission. The "BACPAC Resource Center" (BPRC) is located at the Children's Hospital Oakland Research Institute in Oakland, California, USA.  BPRC is the distribution arm of an academic laboratory and operates as a not-for-profit resource center. It uses a cost-recovery mechanism to maintain and distribute (mostly genomic) DNA clones. The distribution targets the academic scientific community, although commercial [more]
licensing remains an option. Complete clone collections are in a microtiter dish format. Such complete collections are infrequently made available to support customer's scientific plans to analyze most clones in a specific clone library, for instance for whole-genome mapping & sequencing projects. Please read our library array sharing policy for the logistics and availability of arrayed library copies. [less]


Collections. Our site contains information on available genomic DNA libraries consisting of BAC, PAC, or Fosmid Clones, some cDNA collections, library screening reagents (high-density colony hybridization filters, and BAC, PAC & fosmid cloning vectors. There are also several sets of mouse knockout vector and reporter constructs available from BPRC. Refer to our libraries list (alphabetical order of library names) for webpages describing each of our genomic DNA (BAC, PAC and fosmid) clone collections and our cDNA clones. You want to see all mouse libraries or zebrafish libraries without randomly searching through the names? Then, please use the pages arranged in phylogenetic order, permitting you to unfold branches of the phylogenetic tree. See, for instance, the fully displayed mouse or non-human primate branches.

Protocols used in our laboratory for the hybridization-based screening of colony filters, purification of BAC and PAC DNA, and end-sequencing methodologies, are also provided.

Ordering. Please click here for NEWS regarding BACPAC Resources Online ordering! For more ordering information, please view our ordering and pricing information page and bank payment options (PDF). For any clone orders, you will need to know the name of the clones of interest.  This website does not have a comprehensive database of clone name. How to find the clones names for specific genes? Please, look for suggestions in the Questions & Answer section, for instance for BAC & fosmid clones containing specific human and mouse genes.

CONTACT: Order related inquiries: to ; 510-450-7917 (phone) and 510-450-7924 (fax)).  We prefer emails to correspond about orders and the use of the electronic shopping cart to place and subsequently track orders. Scientific collaborations, technical inquiries and commercial licensing: contact the principal investigator, Pieter J. de Jong (, 510-450-7919 (phone), 510-450-7952 (fax).


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