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  ISB-1 Xenopus tropicalis BAC library


The ISB-1 Xenopus tropicalis BAC library has been constructed by Shizhen Qin*, Monica Dors, Brian Birditt, and Jeremy Burke in Leroy Hood Laboratory at Institute for System Biology. High-molecular-weight DNA was isolated from blood which was obtained from a female Xenopus tropicalis through Dr. Robert Grainger (University of Virginia). DNA was isolated, partially digested with HindIII or MboI and cloned at the HindIII (Segments 1) or BamHI (Segments 2) site of the pBeloBAC11 vector. The ligation products were transformed into DH10B electrocompetent cells (GeneHogs, Invitrogen). The libraries have been arrayed into 384-well microtiter dishes. Library construction was funded in part by a grant form the National Human Genome Research Institute (P50 HG01791).

Segment Cloning Vector DNA Restriction enzyme Plate Number Total Plates Empty Wells Empty Wells (%)
1 pBeloBAC11 Female Whole Blood HindIII 1-200 200 1,536 2%
2 pBeloBAC11 Female Whole Blood MboI 201-400 200 1,536 2%
Total Library   Female Whole Blood   1-400 400 3,072 2%

Segment Non-insert clones (%) Non-insert clones recombinant clones Insert Size (Average) Redundancy (Genome Size: 1.6Gb)
1 1% Approx.768 Approx. 74,496 75 Kbp 3.4X
2 1% Approx.768 Approx. 74,496 75 Kbp 3.4X
Total library 1% Approx.1,576 Approx. 148,992 75 Kbp 6.8X

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Data on the ISB-1 Xenopus tropicalis BAC library clone average insert size has been determined by Pulsed Field Gel Electrophoresis. Clone size distribution has been plotted graphically.

Individual clones annotated in databases or screened in any way, can be obtained as stab cultures at a cost of $80 per clone in addition to a $35 set-up charge per shipment. Shipping will be done by Federal Express and charged to the recipients account number. We are not planning to prepare high-density filters unless we become aware of some sustained interest for this. Please realize that there may thus be a minor delay obtaining filters as a consequence of not having filters in stock. Single clone orders can be obtained according to the distribution policy of BACPAC Resources.

With respect to the scheduling of shipments of arrayed library copies, we would like to make you aware of our policy for array distribution.

Please visit the ordering information page if you want to place an order.

Academic and commercial users interested in a copy of the BAC library should contact Pieter J. de Jong (, fax: (510) 450-7924). For hybridization membranes, please contact BACPAC Resources (

*Shizhen Qin, Ph.D.
The Institute for Systems Biology
1441 North 34th Street
Seattle, WA 98103



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