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Principal Investigator
Pieter De Jong, PhD

Hung Nguyen, BS




 About Us
The laboratory

This website is run by the BACPAC Resources Center at Children's Hospital Oakland Research Institute in Oakland, California, in the United States. BACPAC Resources is the distribution arm of our academic laboratory, operating on a cost-recovery mechanism in order to make the resources generated in our laboratory available to the academic scientific community.

Online transactions on this website are processed using software developped in part by the Exchange project (newly renamed OS Commerce).

Procedures used in our laboratory for the hybridization-based screening of colony filters, purification of BAC and PAC DNA, and end-sequencing methodologies, are also provided.

Our address is:

        747 52nd St. Oakland, Ca. 94609


BACPAC Resources Center's Tax ID#: 94-0382330

Please contact the Principal Investigator, Pieter J. de Jong ( at (510) 450-7919, with questions about the resource, proposals for scientific collaborations, suggestions for future BAC or PAC libraries and requests for library copies and commercial licenses.


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