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  VMRC-5 Armadillo BAC Library   

The armadillo (Dasypus novemcintus) BAC library has been constructed by Wendy Lippmann in Chris Amemiya’s laboratory at the Virginia Mason Research Center (VMRC). This library is designated VMRC-5. Blood from a male armadillo was obtained from Dr. Jim Loughry, Valdosta State University, Georgia. Preparation of the library closely followed the cloning approach developed in Pieter de Jong’s laboratory (Osoegawa et al., 1998). DNA fragments from the appropriate size fraction were cloned into the pCC1BAC vector (Epicentre Technologies). The ligation products were then transformed into DH10B (T1 resistant) electro-competent cells (Invitrogen). The library has been arrayed into 384-well microtiter dishes. This work was funded by NIH grants HG02526-01 (Chris T. Amemiya, VMRC) and HG025323-01 (Pieter J. de Jong, CHORI).

Please note: The following data is provisional pending further characterization.

VMRC-5 Armadillo (Dasvous novemcintus) BAC Library.
Provisonal Data, posted March 18, 2003.

Cloning Vector pCCBACE1
DNA Source Whole blood
Restriction Enzyme EcoRI
Plate range 1-550
Total 384-well dishes 550
Empty wells N/A
Non-insert clones N/A
Vector clones 5-7%
Recombinant Clones 93-95%
Insert Size Average 143Kb
Standard Deviation N/A
Library Redundancy ~10X

Click here for a legend of the previous tables. Data on the VMRC-5 clone average insert size has been determined by Pulsed Field Gel Electrophoresis (Not yet available).

Hybridization filters can be ordered either per entire set of 12 filters or the first (or last) segment with 6 filters (price per set is either 12 or 6 times $200).

Shipping will be done by Federal Express and charged to recipient's account number. With respect to the scheduling of shipments of arrayed library copies, we would like to make you aware of our policy for array distribution.
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Academic and commercial users interested in a copy of the BAC library should contact Pieter J. de Jong (, fax: (510) 450-7924). For hybridization membranes, please contact BACPAC Resources.

Please contact Pieter J. de Jong for questions related to this library.


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